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Monday, May 16, 2011

Double Digging and Spring Seeds planted

Last week I worked into the garden 3 cubic yards of compost. All of the garden was "double dug" last fall, and then a second time this spring. I open up a trench and then fill it with compost. Before I put in the compost, I use a potato fork and break up the subsoil. The second time through the beds are pretty much fluffed up to about three feet. I planted Bush Crop Cucumbers,Atlantic Giant Pumpkins,Yellow Doll Watermelons,Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon, Royal Burgundy Bush Beans,Butter Cup Squash,Honey Bun Hybrid Cantaloupe,Double Yield Cucumbers,Reimer Bush Baby Squash,Homemade Pickles Cucumbers,Spacemaster Cucumbers,Dill, and Venezuelan Corn. Then we had a very nice rain over the weekend. I also transplanted some Swiss chard, and various lettuces.