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Friday, May 18, 2012

Picloram, Clopyralid, or Aminopyralid damage in Tomatoes, and peppers.


  1. Thanks very much for spreading the word. I obtained some horse manure from what I thought
    was a safe source. However, since I applied
    last summer, my potatoes turned brown, my peas
    turned yellow brown and my tomatoes look like
    they have fingers on the end of leaves and produce
    no tomatoes. I called the local extension agent and he said he gets hundreds of calls from people who have herbicide damage. Let your legislators know that you want these herbicides banned!

  2. Dennis It is sickening. Last year was my 2nd year of contamination, and it was still evident. Basically any manure or hay and straw is suspect if you don't know the source and chemicals used on the properties.

  3. Do these plants need to be culled, or will they eventually die???